Disneyland Park Entrance

To this day, nothing is more exciting than arriving at Disneyland and knowing you about to have a magical day.

Here are some great vintage photos of the entrance from the early years.

Here's a panorama from the 50's with the sign and the monorail.

Another from a similar era

This one is the from the other side of the sign.
Parking was 25¢
A bargain!
I also just LOVE that old station wagon.

Further around the curve and almost to the toll booths.
I like this one because of all the vintage cars.

Finally to the toll booths!
Get out your quarter!

You would drive right by the entrance before you got to the parking lot.

After you parked your car, you took the tram to the entrance. 
Don't you love the outfit on the greeters?

Time to buy your tickets!

And finally time to enter the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

And once you have had a fun filled day at the park, you can take the monorail across the street and stay at the Disneyland Hotel!

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