Today I thought I would share a few pictures of the beginning of the Autopia. Jeffrey was never so happy as when he was tall enough to drive. Which then translates into giving his passenger whiplash, but at least he enjoys himself.

Here's a shot of the original one in Tomorrowland under construction.

Here's a long shot:

This is from the midget Autopia in Fantasyland.

This is from about 1957. Don't you love the pointed green "hat" on the lady waiting to board? It looks like she should have tinfoil on it to protect her from cosmic mind control.

Here's a great shot with the monorail overhead.

Love these cars!!

This isn't the best shot but it gives a wider view.

And here's a great view of the the entrance.

There have been several "Autopias". 

The original one in Tomorrowland opened in 1955.

Then there was the Midget Autopia that opened in 1957 (kids only) in Fantastland next to the canal boats and lasted until 1966 when it was dismantled to make room for It's a Small World.

The Junior Autopia opened in 1956, closed in 1958 then reopened in 1959 as the Fantasyland Autopia. In 2000 it was combined with the Tomorrowland Autopia to be what it is today.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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