Opening Day July 17, 1955

The front of the park on Opening Day:

Town Square during Walt's speech:

 And here are some really great color shots of the Opening Day Parade:

 Walt in an antique car:

Frontierland Stagecoach:

The Mouseketeers

The trolley hasn't changed :

A bunch of (odd-looking) characters:

Driving the Midget autopia cars down main street!
Never saw this before!

Art Linkletter during one of the live broadcasts hosted by ABC:

Walt dedicating Fantasyland:

Dedicating Frontierland:

During Walt's famous speech:

Another famous shot of the kids heading into the castle:

And here they are coming out the other end:

And the golden ticket to get in:

Even though there was apparently a lot of chaos and things did not run as smoothly as planned, I would love to take a time machine and go back to that day and watch everything live and in person!

Have a great Disney Sunday Everyone!!

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