The Matterhorn & The Skyway

Today I thought I would visit the Matterhorn and the Skyway.

One I love and other scares the beejeezus out of me.

We'll start with the one I love.

The Matterhorn. Shown in the first three shots at the beginning of it's career.

I love this one with the House of the Future in the foreground.

And here it is finished in 1959.

Here's a shot that gives me the willies.
I don't see a lot of safety gear.
(Yes I sound like my mother).

Here's a picture of the original type of bobsled which was just a single 4 seater.
Those are young kids sitting in there.... they look pretty stuffed in.
I can't imagine how people would fit in those today.

Here is one of the original costumes:

This guy stood over the loading area and played swiss music on the accordian.
Note that he is tethered in place.

And to commemorate your ride you could get your picture taken complete with the date.

Now onto the ride that scares me senseless. 
The Skyway.
I hate heights. 
I did have the opportunity to ride this  many years ago while I was young (and foolish) and to this day I'm pretty sure I never opened my eyes the whole ride.
But nevertheless, it's a really cool part of Disneyland's past and most people really enjoyed it.

Here is the Fantasyland station in the late 1950's during construction

And another finished in the early 60's.

And the sign in front:

And here's a great hard to come by shot of the Tomorrowland station from the same era.

And another from inside the bucket:

Here are some old shots of the loading areas

Heading over Fantasyland

This is a great shot coming out of the Matterhorn and heading over Tomorrowland.
See the Viewliner loading it's passengers right below?
I wish I could have ridden that!

 And here is a close-up on the way through the Matterhorn.
My stomach feels queasy just looking at this!!

I hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday.

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