Fantasyland seemed like a good choice today since I live there most of the time.

Since we always start at the beginning, here we go...

Here is a shot during Construction (this pic looks so eerie to me):

This picture was taken in July 1955:

I love this old shot of the castle

Here's a great shot of the teacups:

Overhead view of Storybook Land:

I like this shot because it's got several rides in it:

I see the Alice in Wonderland ride vehicles have not changed:

Fly Dumbo, Fly!

10¢ to ride the Carousel:

Almost no good pics of Peter Pan from the early days:

Snow White Entrance from the early 60's

And a couple shots of Mr Toad's Wild Ride:

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday.

Art Corner in Tomorrowland

The Art Corner in Tomorrowland started out as a red stripped tent near the Red Wagon Inn when Disneyland opened and moved to it's permanent location a few months later.

I guess it was kind of a strange fit for Tomorrowland because it had a Parisian look inside which was good for art but not exactly futuristic.

It sold postcards, prints, art supplies and hand painted animation cels that sold for as little as 75 cents a piece. 

This was a souvenir that was bought at from there back in the 1960's.
I don't believe I purchased it but I did have it since I was very young.
As you can see I used it a lot but aside from the cover, it held up well these past 40 years.
It shows Dale collecting nuts, then getting startled by something and jumping in the air, dropping everything and running off the page. It really is done very well.

The back page (which is the first page of the story) is loose but fortunately I kept track of it all these years.